Our Vineyards


Our Talent Pinot Gris vineyard in the Fall.

Great wine can only be made from great grapes. Since our first harvest 28 years ago, our singular goal has been to produce the highest quality fruit possible.

Ongoing experimentation and innovation, continuous training of crews, and close collaborative relationships with winemakers have resulted in wines of unsurpassed quality. At the 2013 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition – considered the most rigorous in the nation – our South Stage Syrah won Best of Class out of 458 entries; Tempranillo made with our fruit by Willamette Valley Vineyards won Double Gold; Viognier made with our grapes by Lynn Penner-Ash is the favorite white wine served by President Obama at the White House; and Cab Franc made by Pat Spangler with Quail Run fruit just won Best of Show at Newport.

Operations Manager Ken Pratt and Vineyard Projects Manager Raymundo Guzman.

Operations Manager Ken Pratt and Vineyard Projects Manager Raymundo Guzman.

Despite the accolades, our pursuit of great fruit is far from over. Our son, Michael, now manages Quail Run Vineyards and is currently carrying out experiments on canopy management, pruning, irrigation and crop load. He has turned our management structure upside down and now involves crews in all aspects of decision-making, planning, and innovation.

With 420 acres of grapes grown at 15 sites spread across the Rogue Valley, perhaps the most exciting challenge has been to match grape varieties to the soils, aspects, elevations, and mesoclimates where they’ll thrive. We currently grow 28 varieties of grapes from the Rhone, Bordeaux and Burgandy regions of France, as well as grapes from Portugal, Spain, Italy, Argentina and Chile. We proudly farm sustainably and are LIVE certified.


Our crews are responsible for managing hundreds of acres.

Wine, it is said, is grown in the vineyards. We take pride in growing the best.

For further information or grape purchases, contact Michael Moore at 541-301-2293 or email him [here].
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